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Safe access to your roof with our Secure Safety Ladder Roof Dock!

LadderPort, the permanent building mounted ladder receiver that dramatically increases ladder safety.

Your first choice of roof  safety ladder mount models, LadderPort easily and permanently attaches to any type roof, providing  a  safe  and secure ladder receiving port that locks your ladder in place.  

No more ladder hooks, stabilizers, or  ladder extensions  are needed.   And the  Secure  Safety  Ladder  Roof  Dock  provides a  ladder walk through at your rooftop  level to  provide  safe  roof  access.

This walk through provides full compliance with the OSHA 36" rule.

Reduce Liability and Improve Safety!

Help avoid and prevent potential rooftop access accidents or injuries, provide a safer rooftop entrance and exit, and increase your building security with our LadderPort Products. This remarkable new patent pending product provides better secure and safe roof access and egress, and provide increased safety during rooftop work. 


 Provide safe secure roof access with a permanent roof mount for your ladders.

Avoid Facia Damage!       LadderPort helps avoid facia damage from ladder placement, ladder stabilizers, extensions, hooks, and from ladder slippage or mis-placement.

Prevent Potential Accidents!       LadderPort provides a permanent ladder receiver that holds the ladder seurely, increasing ladder safety, reducing injuries and fatalities.

 Provide Safe Access!       LadderPort grab bars act as a walk through to provide a safe transition to the roof when stepping off the ladder, a safe hand hold when stepping off the roof, and makes carrying tools and parts safer and easier.

Secure Ladder Position!      LadderPort prevents the Safety ladder's bottom slipping on ice, or other unstable or slippery surfaces and prevents the ladder from sliding sideways off the building. The ladder is securely held in place by the perment mount.

Universal Roof Mount!      LadderPort easily mounts to almost any commercial or industrial building and works with parapet or standard edge, and can even accommodate gutters. No more ladder hooks to damage those gutters.

Quality Made in the USA!         LadderPort is strong and durable, with coated, welded construction and is available in safety yellow, dark bronze, putty, black and custom colors.  This quality engineered product is made in the United States of America.

Ladderport is your solution for secure ladder safety!

Contact us today for more information!  Call  248-478-2023, or email info@secure-safety-ladder-com